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The following table contains all of the downloads that will help you get the best possible experience from Signagelive: 

Signagelive Client Software
Signagelive Display Edition Download and install the latest Signagelive display edition client. Version  Download 
Signagelive Screen Saver Edition Download and install the latest Signagelive screen saver edition client. Version  Download
Signagelive Corporate Communications Edition Download and install the latest Signagelive Corporate Communications edition client. Version  Download
Signagelive Configuration Tools
Signagelive BrightSign Edtion Configuration Tool Download and install the latest Signagelive BrightSign Configuration Tool    Download
Signagelive Connectivity Checker The Signagelive Connectivity Checkers enables you to easily check your Windows PC can communicate with the Signagelive Servers.    Download
Samsung Primer For Xn2 And Xn3 Ranges The Samsung V2 Primer automatically configures the Samsung Xn-2 and X-3 ranges of displays for Signagelive.    Download
Samsung Upgrader For Xn1 Range The Samsung upgrade pack is a version of the Signagelive installer that automatically configures original Xn Samsung products    Download
Signagelive Add-Ins
Minicom DS Vision 3000 The Minicom DS Vision 3000 Interface enables Signagelive screen control to utilise Minicom DS Vision 3000 products.    Download
Intel AIM Listener The Signagelive Intel AIM Listener enables you to use the Intel AIM Gender Recognition Software to trigger content in Signagelive    Download
Third Party Software
.NET Framework 2.0 SP2 Signagelive is built using Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. Most Windows installations will already have this installed.    Download
Windows Media Player 11 Signagelive utilises codecs from Windows Media Player, a digital media player application developed by Microsoft.    Download
CCCP Codec Pack CCCP is a filter pack containing standard filters that enable reliable playback of practically any media file.    Download
Adobe Flash Adobe Flash enables Signagelive to play Flash (SWF) files.    Download
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