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How to configure your Samsung QMC, QHC and QBC device with Signagelive
How to configure your Samsung QMC, QHC and QBC device with Signagelive
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Please Note

Testing is currently ongoing for these devices, so whilst Signagelive can be installed on these devices at present - we cannot guarantee all Signagelive features will be fully functional until testing has been completed on our end. For a full list of supported Samsung models, please see this sheet.

This article should be used as a guide to assist you with installing Signagelive on your Samsung Tizen QMC, QHC and QBC devices.

The instructions will take you through installing and configuring Signagelive from the display’s out-of-the-box state. Should you encounter any issues during the configuration process, please get in touch with our Support or Sales team for further advice.

Requirements before you begin:

You will require the following in order to complete the setup:

  • A Samsung remote control

  • Connected USB Keyboard (optional)

  • Connection to either a wired or wireless network.

How do I install Signagelive on my Samsung QMC, QHC and QBC devices?

Upon powering on your Samsung QMC, QHC or QBC device for the first time, please follow the instructions outlined below to install Signagelive:

  1. Select the Language you wish to use

  2. Connect your device to the internet (choose Wi-Fi or wired connection)

  3. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions

  4. Installation Type - select Manual Setup

  5. Select your Display Orientation

  6. Player Selection - select Custom App

  7. Connect to an RM server (if applicable), otherwise press Skip/Right Arrow

  8. Set your Auto Power Off settings (we recommend turning this off)

  9. Set the Date and Time

  10. [Optional] Set a PIN to access security settings (if left blank this will default to 000000)

  11. Next, press Custom App and Signagelive will begin downloading and installing

  12. You’ll next be taken to the Signagelive Settings Menu, set your Timezone, Screen Rotation, Rotate Videos then press Save

Upon completion of the above, you should be presented with an activation code on-screen that you can use to activate this Player against your chosen Licence.

If at any stage you wish to make a change to the Launch URL being used, you can edit this by pressing the Home button and heading to App Management.

Please Note

You cannot access App Management whilst in the Signagelive application, if you need to make any changes to your Launch URL - please switch your input source to one of the HDMI inputs then launch the App Management application.

Please Note

Should you wish to run your Tizen Player in a portrait rotation then you can use our Portrait App instead, please enter the following URL in place of the one listed in step 7 above: - you can also use the Red Button on your remote to set the rotation.

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