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This article contains all of the links and downloads that will help you get the best possible experience from your Player and Signagelive.

The following URLs and files are to be entered on your chosen Player when configuring Signagelive, you can find out exactly how to configure your Player by visiting the Our Media Players section of the Help Centre.


LG webOS


  • Configuring Philips (2023 models) - Download and extract Signagelive_apk file

  • Configuring Philips (D, P and Q-Line models pre-2023) - Download and extract Signagelive_apk file


  • Configuring Sony - Download the client here and install on your device using the steps in this article


IAdea / Planar / Viewsonic

Amazon Fire TV

  • Configuring Amazon - Search Signagelive app - Follow guide

Broadcast and Browser-based Players:

Remote connection

  • Port to open player Console over the LAN for LG and Brightsign devices: 9998

Signagelive PC Client Software

Please Note

We no longer provide access to the legacy PC Client and its required third party software for new installations, so if you require this particular client then please raise this with the Signagelive Support Team or your Sales Account Manager. We will then assist you accordingly.

Please Note

Our Legacy PC client is not supported on Windows 11 in both new and existing installations of Signagelive. We recommend purchasing an approved device or getting in touch with our Support Team regarding having a custom image created for your desired use case.


  • Signagelive PC Client - Connectivity Checker: The Signagelive Connectivity Checkers enables you to easily check your Windows PC can communicate with the Signagelive Servers - Download

  • Enable debug: Add the following code to the signcontroller.config file:

<setting name="LogLevel" serializeAs="String"> <value>Debug</value>     </setting>

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