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Screen Takeovers - Supported Players

What Signagelive Players can make use of Screen Takeovers? Read this article to find out.

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Screen Takeovers is currently supported on the following Player types:

  • Samsung Tizen

  • LG webOS

  • ChromeOS

  • BrightSign

Be sure to check our feature comparison documentation for more details on supported assets that can be used in sync for your respective Player type.

Note that only Players of the same type can appear in a single Takeover Group (for example, a group of LG Players or Samsung Tizen Players). The model of Players you are attempting to sync/publish your Screen Takeovers to must also match.

Please Note

Screen Takeovers is not supported on the following Players: LG webOS 1.0, LG webOS 2.0 and Samsung Tizen 2.4

We also recommend taking a look at the FAQs and Known Limitations for each Player type, which can be found below:

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