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Screen Takeovers - overview
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This feature is yet to be released, this article will be updated and relevant communications will be sent out when this feature is released. If you have any further questions please Contact Us.

Screen Takeovers introduces the ability for your Signagelive Players to function in sync at a specified time. Outside of this chosen time, your Players will function independently of each other and only fall into sync when a Takeover event has kicked in. This article will outline some of the terminology around this feature and how you can go about using Screen Takeovers.

How does it work?

There are a few components that make up our Screen Takeovers functionality, and they are as follows:

  • A Takeover (or a Takeover event)

  • A Takeover Group

Your content is published as a Takeover event to your selected Players (a Takeover Group) at your selected time period, and when this Takeover event kicks in, any Players that have this Takeover published to them will play this content in sync until the Takeover event ends, at which point each Player will fall back to its respective content schedules.

What is a Takeover?

A Takeover is a Playlist containing the content you would like to perform in sync across your Players. When you have Screen Takeovers enabled on your Signagelive Network - you'll find that during step 1 of the publication stage (accessed via Content > Publish in your Signagelive Network), you’ll get the option to publish content “As a takeover”. You’ll then select the dates and times at which the Players that have this Takeover content published to them will play this synchronous content before each Player falls back to its respective schedules.

Please Note

Layouts cannot be published as Takeovers. This publication type is exclusive to fullscreen Playlists only.

What is a Takeover Group?

A Takeover Group is the vehicle that allows your Players to function in a synchronized manner, you’ll add all of the Players you want to perform in sync to a Takeover Group and then publish your Takeover content/Playlist to your Takeover Group.

Requirements for Screen Takeovers

  • Screen Takeovers will only work with displays that are on the same LAN (Local Area Network)

  • The same fullscreen playlist must be published to all players

  • Synced media/assets must be the same type across all players

  • Synced media/assets must have a matching duration

  • All Players in a Takeover Group must be the same type (for example: ChromeOS) - see our FAQs article for more information on supported Players

  • We recommend that all Players in a Takeover Group are on the same firmware and same Player model to ensure optimum performance

Now you are educated on the terminology behind this powerful new feature, please proceed through the following articles which will detail how you can begin configuring your Screen Takeovers:

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