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Creating a Takeover Group
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This feature is yet to be released, this article will be updated and relevant communications will be sent out when this feature is released. If you have any further questions please Contact Us.

In order to publish a Takeover event to your Players, you’ll first need a Takeover Group configured. A Takeover Group is the group of Players that will display your Takeover content in sync. This article outlines the process of creating your first Takeover Group.

Please Note

If you do not have the Network > Takeover Groups option in your Signagelive Network, this is because it has not been enabled for you. If you believe this is an error, please get in touch with our Support Team.

How to Configure a Takeover Group

  • Head to Network > Takeover Groups

  • Click the blue + button

  • Choose a Name your Takeover Group and press Save

  • Select the Players you wish to add to your newly-created Takeover Group

  • Drag your Players into your Takeover Group located along the left-hand side

Once your Takeover Group has been created, you’ll be able to begin publishing your Takeover events to your Players. Please see this article for the steps on this process.

What do the filters mean in the Takeover Groups manager?

  • Supported Players not in a Takeover Group - these are Players that are available to be added to a Takeover Group. Only Players that support Takeovers will appear under this filter

  • Players already in a Takeover Group - this filter will show supported Players that have already been added to a Takeover Group

  • Unsupported Players - this filter will show either Players types that do not support Takeovers at all or Players currently on a client version that is not the minimum to support Screen Takeovers

Managing Takeover Groups

Upon clicking the 3 dots located to the right of your Takeover Group, you can access the Properties of that group - which will tell you the following:

  • Group Details tab

    • Name of Group - you can change the name of your group here

    • Player Type - the type of Players that exist in this group

    • Number of Players - how many Players are in this group

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