Publishing a Takeover event
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This feature is yet to be released, this article will be updated and relevant communications will be sent out when this feature is released. If you have any further questions please Contact Us.

Once you have configured your first Takeover Group, you’re ready to begin publishing your Takeover content to your Players. This article will detail this process:

Please Note

Publishing Takeover content can be carried out by an administrator or a user with the relevant permissions. Should you have Granular User Permissions enabled on your Signagelive Network, the permissions your user account will need are: publish content, view takeover groups, view Players and view Playlists.

Publishing Takeover content

  • Head to Content > Publish

  • Select As a takeover at the first stage of publishing (When do you want this content to play?)

  • Select a Start, an End, the Days you want this Takeover content to run

  • Select a Time of day for this content to run, from here you will have 3 options

    • Play all day: selecting this option will allow you to choose a regular interval for this Takeover content to repeat (in seconds) all day - by default this is 90 seconds, meaning that every 90 seconds your Takeover content will kick in and play for the duration set at asset level within the Playlist you are publishing

    • Play once a day: selecting this option will allow you to choose a time of day at which your Takeover content will play once and then fall back to the default scheduled content

    • Play between selected times: this works similarly to the Play all day option and means the Takeover content will repeat at your chosen frequency (in seconds) between the times you define

  • During step 2 (What do you want to publish?), select the Playlist you wish to use as your Takeover content

  • During step 3 (Which Players do you want to publish to?), select the Takeover Group you wish to publish your content to

    • If you wish to select individual Players instead of the entire Takeover Group, you can click the 3 dots located next to the chosen group and select Manually Select/Deselect Players, this will allow you to untick any Players within that group that you do not wish to publish this Takeover content to

  • Select OK and then select Publish to Players

Once your Takeover event has been published to your Player, your Players will begin playing your content in sync when your Takeover event kicks in at your chosen times.

Please Note

Only a single fullscreen Playlist can be published as Takeover content at a time, therefore if you wish to display differing content on each screen within a Takeover event, this can be achieved by making use of a single Playlist with conditional tagging on your assets to isolate them to each Player, and an identical duration for all assets within the Playlist. For more information on this process, please refer to our FAQ article.

Managing already-published Takeover content

As with any other schedule published to a Player, you can Preview and Edit your published Takeover content:

  • Navigate to your Player from your Player Dashboard or Network > Manage

  • Click on the Content and Screen On/Off tab

  • In the Takeovers section, you will see your published Takeover schedule and can click on the 3 dots located to the far right of the schedule, this will allow you to Preview, Edit or Delete your Takeover schedule

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