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How to override and reset user permissions roles and users and groups
How to override and reset user permissions roles and users and groups
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Why would I override permissions?

Overriding permissions may be beneficial if you want to create a user that has the same level of access as a role but may need a few permissions added/removed.

Please Note:

To override permissions on a user, they cannot belong to a User Group. A User Group will always take precedence.

How do I override permissions?

To override a user's permission, you will need to select the user by navigating to the Settings and Users from the User Interface. Click the three dots on the right of the user and select “View”.

In the User view, select “Permissions”. You will be able to select an existing role from roles that you have created or select the System default permissions. Once you have selected a role, you will be prompted to save the role before moving forward.

Once a role has been selected, the default permissions will be set below under the permissions fields. You can now alter these permissions to your preference for that user. You will need to select “Save” to save these changes to the permissions.

How to reset user permissions?

Users that have been through the above steps will have an additional field within their Permissions options called “Reset to Default”.

If this button is clicked, the Users role will default back to the Role assigned to it.

How to override permissions on Groups?

You can choose to override a Groups permissions, which will affect all users within that User Group

To do this, navigate to the Users tab (under settings). Select the group you wish to alter by selecting the three dots to the right of the Group.

Within here you will be able to alter the Permissions available to you. Once you have saved these permissions, all users within that group will have the new permission settings.

If you need to revert the User Group to the original Role, you can do this by selecting “Reset to default” which will become available once you have saved the Permission changes you have made.

Please Note:

Once a User or User Group has had its permissions overridden, any changes to the role within the Roles settings will not affect the User or User Group. These changes include any new permission implemented by Signagelive (including Grant Network Access), which will be disabled by default for overridden Users or User Groups and also affect system default roles (e.g. the Administrator role). If you reset the User or User Group to “Reset to default” The Group will gain the permissions from whatever the current role permissions are.

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