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For better organisation of your Signagelive Network, you also have the ability to create User Groups when managing large numbers of users. This article will detail the process of creating and managing User Groups.

Creating a new User Group

  1. Head to Settings > Users

  2. Click the blue + in the top left of the screen

  3. Enter a name for your User Group

  4. (Optional) tick Requires 2FA - note that this will add 2FA as a login requirement for any users added to this User Group

  5. Choose a Role from the drop-down menu

  6. Press Ok

User Group Permissions

Upon creating a new User Group, you will be required to choose a Permission Level on your newly-created group, this allows you to grant permissions to any users added to this particular group. For more information on the functionality of each Permission Level, please see this article.

Please Note

Permissions set at the Group level take priority over permissions set at User level. Bear this in mind when adding users to groups - you can identify if a user has assumed the Group level permission by looking out for (UG) appearing next to their set role in the Role column on the Settings > Users page.

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