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Granular user permissions pricing
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What is free and what is paid for?

Granular user permissions are not included for free of charge for all networks.

Granular User Permissions are included within our tiered pricing structure including Essential, Professional and Enterprise. Full information on pricing can be seen here.

If you require Granular User Permissions and already have an existing network, please reach out to your Account Manager who will be able to arrange this for you.

What are System Default Users?

If you are not using Granular User Permissions, you will still have access to the System Default Role. These role include:

  • Administrator can access all areas, add and remove users, licences, players and all content

  • Users can access everything but can not add or remove other users, players or licences

  • Read only users can only see and manage information within the Signagelive Network they access, they can not edit or amend

  • Local users are able to access only the playlists of players they are associated with and are given access to by a User or Administrator (using a Localised Playlist)

  • Message Managers are able to update text and Media RSS feeds via the Message Manager application. They will only see the Custom RSS feeds listed that they are given access to by a User or an Administrator

These Roles are not affected by Granular user permissions.

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