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Hierarchies Releases and what they include
Hierarchies Releases and what they include
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Due to the scale of the Hierarchies project, the release will be broken down into six separate iterations. In this article, we will detail what you can expect from each of the releases.

Release 1

In the initial release of Hierarchies, the following will be included:

  • The ability to build a Hierarchy with unlimited Network Levels

  • A new Network Switcher menu for Signagelive Networks with Hierarchies enabled, allowing you to switch between different Networks and Hierarchy Levels you have been given access to

  • The ability to grant individual users access to Network Levels

  • The ability to link and grant User Groups access to Network Levels

  • Dashboard Filtering - the ability to show data for all Levels below the Level you are working on

  • The ability to move unregistered licences between different Network Levels (this does not include deactivated Players)

  • Creating and adding objects to particular Hierarchy Levels. This does not include all objects and can only be done when initially creating said objects (for example uploading a Media Asset) on the Hierarchy Level you have access to. Supported objects include:

    • Media Assets

      • Upload New Assets

      • Create New Feed / Web Page Assets

      • Control Assets (Nested / Local) will be created at the current user level

      • Folders

    • Playlists

      • New Playlists

      • Save As Copy Playlists

      • Folders

    • Auto Playlists

      • New Automated Playlist Plans

      • The below will take on the Playlist Plan level (so will only be affected for new Plans)

        • Generated Playlists

        • Priority Groups

        • Campaigns

    • Layouts

      • New Layouts

      • Save As Copy Layouts

      • Folders

    • Players

      • Newly Activated Players

      • Folders

    • Licences

      • Newly added Licences (these will only be available to be used in the level added or those below)

    • Permission Sets

      • Newly created Permission Sets

    • Roles - Newly created Roles

      • Roles created as a copy of another (the new role will be at the current level)

      • If a Role being used was created in a level you do not have access to, or is higher than the one you are currently working on, you will not be able to override permissions, you will need to create a new role - Roles from higher levels can be set on Users, by users who have access to those higher levels.

Future Releases

Features to be included in future releases of Hierarchies can be found in this article. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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