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How to enable Hierarchies on my Network (new and existing customers)
How to enable Hierarchies on my Network (new and existing customers)
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Requirements before you begin:

  • Administrator access to your desired Signagelive Network

  • To have purchased the Success Bundle or the standalone Hierarchies module

  • A validated Hierarchies structure/plan in place for your Network

If you have purchased the Success Bundle or the standalone module, Hierarchies will have been added to your Signagelive Network. If you believe Hierarchies should be on your Network and are finding that it is not, please contact our Support Team or your vendor/reseller.

It’s important to note that once Hierarchies has been enabled, your Signagelive Network will initially lose visibility to all objects/functionalities as no hierarchical levels will have been created yet. As such, we recommend that the first administrator to access your Network following the enabling of Hierarchies does the following:

  • Create your first Hierarchy Level

  • Enable any relevant users/administrators on this level

To create your first Hierarchy Level:

  1. Log in to Signagelive and click on the name of your Network (located at the top middle of the screen)

  2. Click the Edit button (the Settings cog) located along the left-hand side of the screen

  3. Click on the Hierarchy tab

  4. Click the + (plus) button next to your Network name

  5. Enter a name for your first level and press Save

To enable a user on a Hierarchy Level:

  1. Head to Settings > Users

  2. Click on the user you wish to add

  3. Click on the Level Access tab

  4. From here, you can enable access for your selected user to a Level of your choosing at a Level Role of your choosing

Once the above has been completed, you can begin creating your Hierarchies ecosystem and add any users to the desired levels and customise their Signagelive experience.

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