Hierarchies FAQ
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Can I set up SSO on a different level?

No, any Federated User can log in with SSO in order to access whichever Network Levels they have access to. This functionality cannot be isolated to a single Level.

Why can I preview a Playlist or Schedule on my Player but not edit it?

If content has been published to a Player belonging to your Network Level from a higher Level (i.e. a Parent Level) then you will be able to see this content on Players belonging to your Level. You will only be able to Preview these Schedules and not edit them as they belong to a different Network Level. If you have access to said higher Levels, you will need to switch to this Level in order to make any changes to this content.

Can I move an object (Playlist, Layout, Content, etc) from one Network Level to another?

At present, objects cannot be moved between Network Levels and will be exclusive to the Levels they have been initially created on. An exception to this is unregistered licences which can be moved to a different Level. Please see this article for steps on how to do so.

Can Signagelive Support tell me what levels are available or who to contact to get access to a different level?

If you need to know what Network Levels are available on your Signagelive Network or if you require access to a different level, your first point of contact will be one of the Administrators on your Network. If you are unsure of who this is, please contact our Support Team.

I already have access to multiple Signagelive networks. Can I merge them into one and configure them as levels?

Please contact our Sales or Support Team for more information on merging Networks.

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