Manage licences in Hierarchies
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With the introduction of Hierarchies, you now have the ability to manage licences across multiple Network Levels. Please see the articles in this section of our Help Centre for general steps for adding and managing licences.

Where this differs with Hierarchies, is that any licence you add to your Network will be added to the Network Level that you are currently using. Licences that have been added on one Network Level will not be visible on other Network Levels.

Please Note

At this time, only unregistered Licences can be moved between Network Levels - this does not include licences from deactivated Players. Unregistered Licences can be moved to any other Network Level on your Signagelive Network.

Moving an unregistered Licence to another Network Level

  1. Head to Settings > Licences menu

  2. Select the unregistered Licence that you wish to move (or click the 3 dots to the far right of the Licence)

  3. Press the Move to a different level button

  4. Choose the Network Level you wish to move this Licence to

  5. Press OK

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