An Introduction to Hierarchies
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The following article will give you an introduction to the Hierarchies add-on feature.

What is Hierarchies?

Hierarchies gives you the ability to build a Hierarchy structure within a Signagelive Network, and control a user’s permissions and access to objects (specific Players, Playlists, Layouts, Folders, content) based on levels of the hierarchy, as well as share objects with specific users, user groups, or hierarchy levels, which are not in their hierarchy level or below.

When would I use Hierarchies?

Hierarchies allows you to sectionalise your Signagelive Network into Network Levels. Users can then be assigned to specific Levels on your Network, providing them with a customised Signagelive experience with their own Level-specific Players and content that is exclusive to those specific levels.

Typical use cases where different users manage part of their Network include global businesses with regional offices, businesses with organizational units or departments, and networks that require content/player management segregation.

What is included in Hierarchies?

Hierarchies will roll out over a period of releases and phases. You can preview Hierarchies' upcoming features here.

What are the current Hierarchies features?

Please see this article for a highlight of the features included in this first release of Hierarchies.

Considerations for Hierarchies

We strongly recommend engaging your reseller or Signagelive Customer Success Manager (included with specific Signagelive Support Plans) prior to implementing the Hierarchies add-on. There are some considerations related to Hierarchies planning including:

  • Existing networks need to consider how to assign existing Objects (Assets, Playlists, Folders, Player, etc) before creating Levels on the existing network. New networks can start by creating their Level structure and creating Objects for those Levels.

  • Customers with Granular User Permissions (GUP) may have specific questions on how Hierarchies Object permissions differ from GUP’s permissions to interact with specific menus, tasks, features and Approvals.

  • SSO Guidance for customers who want to consolidate multiple networks with multiple SSO providers. Hierarchies supports one SSO provider and we recommend selecting the best SSO provider option for your Signagelive network and using trusted domains for access from other directories.

  • Best practices with Licenses in a Hierarchies network


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