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How to enable Level access to a user
How to enable Level access to a user
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Providing you are an Administrator or have the relevant permission levels, you will be able to enable access for a user to access the Network Levels you have access to. To do this, please follow the steps outlined below:

  • Head to Settings > Users

  • Click on the user you wish to edit the Level Access for

  • Click the Level Access tab

  • Tick the Level you would like to provide access to along with any Child Levels you may also wish to give this user access to

  • Select a Level Role from the Level Role drop-down menu (this will also include Custom Roles if you have Granular User Permissions enabled on your Signagelive Network). You can also leave this field blank and the user will continue using theirr default user role

  • Press Save

Upon completion of the above, this user will now have access to the selected Network Level on your Signagelive Network.

Please Note

If a user is not assigned to a Network Level when Hierarchies is enabled, they will be greeted with an error message upon logging in. Please ensure users are not left unassigned to any Levels if you are making use of Hierarchies on your Signagelive Network.

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