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How and when you can speak with our Support Agents
How and when you can speak with our Support Agents
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We completely understand that learning to use Signagelive can be challenging, especially if you have experience with other signage solutions or many other daily tasks. Whatever your experience level, you’ll always have questions, and that’s why we have a Signagelive Support Team ready to help you.

Here’s a quick video explaining how you can get support from Signagelive:

Ways to contact us

If you need support from us, here’s how you can get the help you need:

  • Email: Drop an email to [email protected]

  • Chat: Available from the bottom right corner of our user interface when logged in to your Signagelive Network.

  • Telephone: If you are on an Essential, Premium or Ultimate Support Plan or a Reseller, you can call us using the details on this page.

We know every customer is different, so we have AI and Human Support built into our Email and Chat services to ensure you can get rapid answers anytime, or simply more time with our dedicated team working through everything you need with the level of care you deserve.

When is support available?

We are here to support you with 24/5 real-time support across our UK and APAC-based support teams. Please find the availability below for real-time support:

  • US (EST) - 19:00 Sundays through to 19:00 Fridays.

  • EMEA (GMT) - 00:00 Mondays through to 00:00 Saturdays.

  • APAC (GMT+8) - 08:00 Mondays through to 08:00 Saturdays.

Outside of the above-listed working hours, Signagelive customers can still use Chat, or send emails, to leave a message for our Support Team. The message will be automatically created as a conversation and responded to as soon as possible.

Our regional offices will be closed during local Public Holidays, so the above support windows will be reduced on such occasions.

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