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How and when you can speak with our Support Agents
How and when you can speak with our Support Agents
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If you need any assistance with Signagelive then we have a Support Team ready to assist you via our Live Chat, Email, Help Centre or Phone Support services. There are many ways that you can contact our team, and this article we will cover the best ways for you to contact us with any questions or issues, and when you can expect real-time support.

Ways to contact us

To contact the Support Team, you can use any of the following methods that best suit you:

  • Email: Drop an email to [email protected] and a ticket will be automatically created.

  • Live Chat: From our website's homepage or within your Signagelive Network, you'll find our Live Chat Widget located at the bottom right-hand side of both of these pages. Clicking this option will launch our chat interface and you will be able to begin asking questions to our Signagelive Bot or select to chat directly with a member of our team.

  • Telephone: If you are on an Essential, Premium or Ultimate Support Plan or a Reseller, you can call us via our team via our contacts page and then select the Support Team option via the phone menu.

Please Note

Upon starting a new Live Chat with us, you'll initially discuss with our Signagelive Bot who will attempt to answer your query. Should you need to speak to a human being, you can always select the Talk to a Person option and our Signagelive Support Team will endeavour to assist you as soon as an agent becomes free.

Operating Hours

We are pleased to be able to offer our customers 24/5 real-time support across our UK and APAC-based support teams. Please find the availability below for real-time support:

  • US (EST) - 19:00 Sundays through to 19:00 Fridays.

  • EMEA (GMT) - 00:00 Mondays through to 00:00 Saturdays.

  • APAC (GMT+8) - 08:00 Mondays through to 08:00 Saturdays.

Outside of the above-listed working hours, Signagelive customers can still use the Live Chat system to leave a message for our Support or Sales Teams, which will be automatically generated as a ticket and responded to as soon as possible. You can also email [email protected] directly anytime to log a support ticket.

Please Note

Our regional offices will be closed during local Public Holidays, so the above support windows will be reduced on such occasions.

Providing the Signagelive Support Team with access to your Signagelive Network

In some cases we may require access to your Signagelive Network to further assist you, from June 12th 2023 this will need to be done via our new Grant Network Access feature. If you are an Administrator or have the relevant Granular User Permissions you will be able to grant us this access immediately, if not we'll raise a New Access Request and once this has been approved we will be able to assist you further.

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