How to add your Licences
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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must be logged into your Signagelive Account

  • Be looking to add unused Signagelive licences when adding them to your Network

  • Be using valid Signagelive licences, which are in 16 digit code format.

This article will help you through the steps taken to add one or multiple licences to your Signagelive Network. Licences of any type, such as trials, standard or renewals can be added your network at any time and can be added either at the point of first creating the Network or on the Licence Management area as this guide will show.

Please Note

This article is relevant to adding licences to your network and not renewing current licences. For those looking to renew or go through other tasks with licences, please use the following list:

Adding your Licences

When you are ready to add licences to your Network, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • When you are logged in to your Signagelive network, please navigate to the Settings menu.

  • Please now select Licences from the drop-down and this takes you to the Licence Manager.

  • Press the Add button (blue button with +)

  • Select Licences from the options.

  • Paste one or multiple licences into the ‘Licences to Add’ text box.

  • Add a line break between licences if adding multiple licences.

  • Once added, make sure you read through the End User Licence Agreement document before then proceeding to tick the available tick-box to confirm you have.

  • When ready to proceed, please press the Add licences button.

The licences will now have been added to your Network and you can repeat the process straight away if you'd like to add further licences. Don't worry though as licences do not become active until they are registered with a player for the first time, therefore can be added any time to your Network so please come back to use the Licence Management area should you wish to do this in the future.

Please Note

If you experience issues with adding licences to your Network, it will likely be due to:

  • The licences you are attempting to add have already been used.

  • Formatting when you copied the licences and pasted in to our user interface may be causing you an issue, so please try opening Notepad and copying/pasting from that tool prior to Signagelive to remove any potential formatting issues.

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