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What do the dates on your licences mean?
What do the dates on your licences mean?
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There are three dates to be aware of in the Signagelive user-interface when it comes to licences. These are outlined below:

  • Allocated - the date a licence was added to a network

  • Registered- the date a licence was first activated against a player

  • Expires- the end of a licence's validity according to its "Registered" date

Please Note

  • Whether converting (a trial licence) or renewing an existing licence, the registered date of the new licence will take effect from the expiration date of the licence you are renewing. This is to prevent any validity period being lost on the existing licence.

  • The validity of your licence will begin ticking down as soon as you register it for the first time. It will then continue to do so even if the licence is not being used (i.e. it's in a deactivated amber state).

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