Requesting and Renewing Licences
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Within your Signagelive network it is also possible for you to take control of your licences and escalate requests for renewals within our user interface. The following article will take you through the complete process of how you raise a request and details the process that will be undertaken.

This article contains the following sections:

What is the process undertaken if I make a renewal request?

When a renewal is requested via the Signagelive user interface, the following steps occur:

  • An email will be sent to your local Signagelive team who will communicate with the correct Partner and/or Reseller to organise and confirm the purchase of each renewal licence for you.

  • Upon confirmation with the Partner and/or Reseller, the licence will then be automatically applied to the existing licence.

  • You (and your Partner and/or Reseller) will then receive an email notification to say that this renewal licence has been applied and no further action is required.

You will also see that an upcoming renewal is highlighted more obviously in the new Licence Manager, watch this short video or read on to learn more:

How do I know which Players may need a renewal?

Within the Licence Manager, we use the familiar traffic light colour code to highlight the state of each Player. See below for more details:

  • Green - represents an active licence (a Player has been activated against this particular licence).

  • Amber - represents a deactivated licence, meaning you can choose it to activate a Player against.

  • Red - represents an expired licence, you will need to renew any expired licence to be able to activate a Player against it.

Who can request a renewal?

Only Administrators with access to your Signagelive Network will be given the option to Request a Renewal licence for any of your Players.

How can I request a Renewal for a single licence?

Please refer to following article here.

How can I request multiple Licence Renewals?

Please refer to following article here.

How do I know when my licence has been renewed?

When you place a Renewal Request, you will see the ‘Renewal Requested’ box checked to signify that this licence has had its renewal requested. Once approved and payment terms are met, the renewal will automatically be allocated to the requested licence.

You will see that the checkbox is no longer checked (if the licence renewal request has been successful) and the Expiry date of your Licence will have changed to show the updated term of your licence, including the requested renewal duration.

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