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How to convert your Trial licences
How to convert your Trial licences
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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must be logged into your Signagelive Account

  • Must have added a ‘Standard’ Licence to your Network

  • Be selecting a Trial Licence when attempting to initiate the process

This article will help you through the steps required to convert a trial licence into a full licence on your Signagelive Network. Trial licences are the initial licence type you would receive during your 30 day evaluation period, and it is these licences that you can convert to be full licences to ensure your continued service with no hardware changes required after purchase.

Please Note

This article is relevant to converting trial licences on your network. For those looking to add, renew or go through other tasks with licences, please use the following list:

Converting a Trial Licence

When you are ready to convert trial licences to your Network, you will need to carry out the following steps:

  • When you are logged in to your Signagelive network, please navigate to the Settings menu.

  • Please now select Licences from the drop-down and this takes you to the Licence Manager.

  • Please now select a Trial licence from your list you would like to convert, and then click on the corresponding 16 digit Code information for that licence to proceed.

  • Within the Licence Summary window, please now click on the Convert to Full Licence button.

  • You will now be required to select the Full Licence you wish to use from the dropdown menu. This licence will be used to convert the original Trial licence.

  • Once finished, please click on the Save button.

Once completed this will then change the trial licence status from Trial to Standard and the new terms of the licence will be applied (ie. 1 year, 2 year etc) along with its new expiration date. Any duration period that was still remaining on the trial will be automatically added to the end of the converted full licence as part of this process.

Please Note

If you experience issues with converting licences as per the steps above, in most cases it will be due to:

  • You have not selected a Trial Licence type when selecting a licence to be converted.

  • You have not added a Standard Licence to your network prior to attempting this process; the Convert to Trial Licence button will therefore not appear.

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