Understanding the Licence Manager
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Within your Signagelive Network is a Licence Manager where you are able to add, renew, deactivate or remove any of your licences at any given time. For every connected Media Player device on your network to connect to our server you will require a licence, so within this area you are able to fully manage your licences and ensure they remain activated and well organised.

Please Note

The following article focuses on the Licence Manager and the features available, so if you are looking to perform certain actions on your licences already then please review the following:

Where is the Licence Manager?

To navigate to the Licence Manager, please follow the below steps:

  • Within your Signagelive network, please click on the Settings menu.

  • From the drop down menu, please select Licences and you will be taken to the Licence Manager

What can I see in the Licence Manager?

The Licence Manager itself holds several key features which will assist you, as per the following:

Licence and associated Player Information:

Within the Licence Manager you will see a complete listing of all of the Signagelive licences held on your network, and be able to see the following data: Player, Code, Type, Licenced Features, Duration, Registered Date, Max Outputs.

Licence Status:

When looking at the Licence Manager you will also note a colour code system, which will enable you to easily the status of the current players.

  • White: Unregistered (Not used and ready to be used for the first time)

  • Green: Licence is currently active

  • Orange: Deactivated: The licence is currently not associated with a Player and can be reused.

  • Red: Expired: The licence has expired and is no longer active for use.

Search and Filter Options

The Licence Manager also provides you with the ability to search for any of your licence information via their 16 digit code, serial number and/or player information. You will also be able to see and use filtering options so you can focus on licences that are Active, Deactivated, Expired, Expiring Today or Expiring in 7, 30 or 60 days to help you manage your licences easily.

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