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Creating video banners - preparing your content for displaying across multiple screens
Creating video banners - preparing your content for displaying across multiple screens
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Requirements before you begin:

  • A video editing software of your choice

  • The resolution of each of your screens

  • Your original video content you wish to display across multiple screens

To create the effect of spanning a single video across multiple displays (when using Screen Takeovers or Sync Groups), you must separate your video content into multiple individual videos (one per screen).

Here's an example of what this might look:

In the example above, there are two individual videos being displayed as opposed to one single video that spans across the two screens, but splitting the content in such a way allows us to create the impression that a single piece of content is spanning across multiple screens.

  • To prepare your own content in such a way, you'll first need to calculate the summed resolution of your screens (in the example above, we have two horizontal 1920x1080 screens, therefore our summed resolution will be 3840x1080)

  • You'll then need to split your source video into two individual videos in a video editing software of your choice, see the video below for an example of how we have done this in our case:

In your video editing software:

  • Create a canvas that has the resolution of what your individual screens are (again, in the example above our screen is 1920x1080)

  • Import your video and align your video so that it fills the canvas and displays the portion of the video you'd like to display in your first video render

  • Render/export your video

  • Repeat the process above for each video

And that's it! You should now have an individual video for each of your screens, that when played at the same time create the impression that a single video is spanning across all of your screens.

Please Note

Ensure that when splitting your content into multiple videos that each of your videos have identical video durations. Failure to do so will result in Sync Groups and Screen Takeovers not functioning correctly.

Publishing your now divided content to your Players

  • Screen Takeovers - Takeover content will need to deployed in a single Playlist, as such you will need to make use of Conditional Tagging in order to segment each piece of content to its own Player. See this article for more information on this process.

  • Sync Groups - You can publish content in a single Playlist as per Screen Takeovers above, or you can publish an individual Playlist per Player, each containing one of your assets.

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