Applying tags to your Assets
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Another feature within the Playlist Creator (Content - Playlist - Create/ Edit) in your network is the ability to add tags to your assets so that they can be associated with tags (keywords). The benefit of using tags on your media assets is that it can make your media easier to manage and enhance your experience when you are carrying out searches for your content.

If you would like to add tags (keywords) to your media assets then you must carry out the following steps:

  1. To begin adding tags you will need to have at least one media asset added to your asset library. If this is not the case, please add an asset before beginning the tagging process.

  2. Open the properties of one of your media assets, within the asset library by selecting Properties from the menu (3 dots found on the right of each asset) or by double-clicking an asset.

  3. In the Asset Properties, select the Tags tab. You can now enter any number of single-word tags to each Asset.

You can watch a video about applying tags to your Assets below:

Can I add Tags to multiple Assets at one time?

Yes, you can achieve this by applying a tag to a folder using the following instructions:

  1. Log in to your Signagelive Network

  2. Select Content

  3. Select Playlist

  4. Select Create/ Edit

  5. Select Add (blue + button)

  6. Select Folder

  7. Name your folder

  8. Save

  9. Click the Context Menu (3 dots button) to the right of your new folder

  10. Select Properties

  11. Select Tags

  12. Enter one or more one-word entries, pressing Enter between each tag to add

  13. Select OK

You will see each tag applied, listed in the tags section of the Folder Properties, and each Asset added to this folder will automatically have the Tag applied to it as well.

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