How To Manage Player Tags
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You can use Player Tags to make finding your Players quicker and easier. Another great feature of Player Tags is the ability to dynamically set content within a Playlist to either show or not show on your Players depending on whether a Tag is matched or not. E.g. only display ads in stores that carry a certain product range or have specific demographics.

For more information on this, you should read our article on Adding Conditions to your Playlist Media Assets. For a guide on how to Manage Player Tags, please see below;

Managing your Player Tags

To Manage your Player Tags, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network as a User or Administrator

  • Select Network

  • Select Manage

  • Select the ‘Tag Manager’ icon (Located on the right hand side of the screens next to the ‘Switch Views’ tabs)

You can now see a list of which tags are on which player, and you can:

  • Edit the tags using the X on the icons. Remove a tag from one player, or multiple players.

Managing Tags on Multiple Players

To manage tags on multiple players you can;

  • Use the check box to select multiple players

  • Select the ‘Manage Tags’ icon

  • You now have a view of;

    • Common Tags across all selected players.

    • Tags on more than one player.

    • Tags on only one player.

  • You can delete tags by clicking on the X, or add New Tags by entering the name, and selecting Save.

Top Tip: You can now use the Search Bar in the Network > Manage area to search by Tags.

Top Tip: You can also see Folder Tags in the Tag Manager view. Folders will display their tags with a different colour, these cannot be removed in this view, to edit them Open the Folder’s Properties

How can I find out more?

You can learn more about the Dashboard and how to configure your Signagelive Network details by reading more within the Manage your Player section of our Help Centre. You can also contact our Support Team here

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