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How to bulk update your Player Information on your Signagelive Network?
How to bulk update your Player Information on your Signagelive Network?
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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must have User Privileges to run a Network Export from your Signagelive Network

  • A tool such as Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel or a .CSV editing software.

If you are a large scale Signagelive network then there may be times where you wish to bulk update your Player information (names, site details, reference fields, contact details or associated tags) with specific changes to remove the manual effort and time to achieve this within the user interface.

The following article will show you how you can undertake this process efficiently.

Please Note

This article is showing you how to complete Bulk Update Template scratch in order to bulk update your Players via the Signagelive Team. Our Support Team can provide you with a populated Bulk Update Template version specific to your desired network to make this process easier, so please contact them for guidance if desired.

Step 1 - Retrieving my current Player Information

Before looking to update your Players, we highly recommend you request a Network Export report from your desired Signagelive network as this will contain a majority of the information required to complete this process efficiently. To retrieve a Network Export via email, please follow these steps:

  • Within your selected Signagelive Network, please click on the Network menu and then select Manage from the drop down menu.

  • You will now be in the Player Manager, where you will need to select all of the Players you wish to report on. We recommend you select all Players on the network, however if you are only intended to update a subset then simply select your desired Players.

  • When happy with your choice, please click on the Export button.

  • You will now see a confirmation prompt confirming that the process is underway, and you will soon receive an email from Signagelive with your Network Export contained as .CSV file.

  • We would now recommend that you download the .CSV file, and then you can load this file into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel depending on your personal preference.

Step 2 - Use our Bulk Update Template

The next stage of this process requires you to populate a Bulk Update Template so that our team can update the Player information for you when you are finished with this process.

You can find this template here.

Player Information Fields

The following fields will be found in the Bulk Update Template; it is not mandatory that you populate them all as part of this process.

  • Player Information - Serial No, Tags, Name

  • Reference Codes - Ref Code 1 through to Ref Code 10

  • Address Information - Address 1, Address 2, Town, County, Postcode, Country

  • Contact Information - Contact, Phone

Bulk Update Template Guidelines

The following guidelines and helpful tips will apply to this process:

  • Column Orders - Please do not change the ordering of the columns within the Bulk Update Template.

  • Carriage Returns - Please do not add carriage returns in any of the Bulk Update Template fields.

  • Required Fields - For this process to work, you will be required to add the Player Serial information correctly. This is why using the Network Export process beforehand will make the process far easier.

  • Tags - You will notice that all tags are separated by a single space. You cannot have multiple worded tags at this current time, so putting a _ or - in your tags to make them a single tag is advised if required.

Please carry out the following steps to complete this process:

  • Firstly please download our Bulk Update Template .csv template here.

  • Please now import this .csv file into Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. If you carried out the above Network Export process, then we would recommend simply creating a new tab in that document and then importing the Bulk Update Template .csv into this created document to make things easier.

  • Please now begin populating the Bulk Update Template with your desired Player information; using the Network Export as much as possible here will be beneficial.

  • Once you have added your information and made the relevant changes, please contact the Signagelive Support Team and they will assist you with initiating the process of bulk updating the Player information for you.

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