April 2021 Updates
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26th April 2021

[Brightsign - 1.36] -

  • The BrightSign client has been updated to 1.36. This fixes an issue where a serial interrupt would restart if pressed a second time while the interrupt was still running.

20th April 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Marketplace - Years support for the Count up/down timers now add to existing widgets

19th April 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Fix: A patch has been released to media asset deletion to improve the speed for the user. The actual media asset will be archived/deleted immediately and all other processes (removing from playlists etc) will happen in a background service

16th April 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Marketplace - ANZAC Day content now added to Marketplace

12th April 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Fix: SMIL API and SMIL Player Data API DNS updated (New TLS Endpoints)

7th April 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Fix: It was possible to have the Find & Replace tool not return any network media assets. This has now been fixed

  • Improvement: Ability to Select a date range, then choose whether to create a single report for the whole date range or one report per day in that range of dates, improves the efficiency and cost of report production

  • Improvement: Ability to create more than one report type at once, improves the efficiency and cost of report production

6th April 2021

[Chrome 1.85 - Released] -

  • Fix: Client 1.84 was unable to display content for widgets, such as News Widgets

UI/Platform -

  • Marketplace - Ramadan content now added to Marketplace

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