May 2021 Updates
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19th May 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Improvement: SAML API (for provisioning of users from Azure etc) which now does NOT require users who were previously set up in Signagelive to be disabled by the development team for them to be provisioned by the identity provider

17th May 2021

[LG - 1.92] -

  • A minor update (1.92) was released for LG this morning that provides a minor improvement to widget transitions.

14th May 2021

[Tizen - 1.2] -

  • Fix: Patch an issue affecting Tizen 2.4 models on 2050.x firmware and below, that could cause the player to crash and switch to the HDMI input when attempting to play a video.

11th May 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Fix: Update to Calendar Integration and Office 365, using All Day non-GMT events showing '00:00' no longer defaults to GMT in a rooms 'synced events' table

10th May 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Improvement: TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have now been disabled on the UI, Player Data API and M2M (including Player API) servers.

4th May 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Marketplace - Memorial Day and Reconciliation Day

[Tizen - 1.19] -

The Tizen media player has been updated to 1.19. This update does not include the native portrait app, which will get an update separately at a later date:

    • Improvement: Improved asset transition in mixed content playlists so they are seamless

    • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue that in very rare cases may result in players missing content checks

    • New Feature: Added support for getData and setData Widget SDK methods allowing widget developers to store and retrieve data on the device from permanent file-backed storage

    • New Feature: Added support for playVideo() and stopVideo() Widget SDK methods allowing widget developers to play video in their widgets with native video playback methods for better performance and smoother asset transitions

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