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October 2021 Updates
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20th October

[Platform] -

  • Fix: Login page was known to randomly appear after 5 minutes, on the 'My Signagelive' page

  • Fix: Saving Layouts as a copy failing to create a second copy of the layout

  • Fix: Using a new as yet unpublished playlist as the existing playlist, in a new nested playlist control asset, meant that the playlist was not included in the configuration file sent to the target player

18th October 2021

[LG 1.96] -

[Platform] -

  • Fix: Session timeout due to using the Message Manager Template Editor for longer than 10 minutes

14th October 2021

[Marketplace] -

  • Improvement: Dutch language Support for Weather widget

  • Improvement: Playback improvement to La Repubblica widget

11th October 2021

[PAM] -

  • Improvement: Loading of player details on PAM enabled networks

[Platform] -

  • Fix: Playlist creator improvement that could cause asset uploads to fail if you have been on this page for 10 minutes, without saving or opening a playlist

  • Fix: A performance enhancement to the dragging and dropping of assets

  • Fix: A positioning improvement to the buttons in the Add Player modal

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