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March 2021 Updates
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23rd March 2021

  • [Brightsign - 1.35] -

    • Fix: Asset validity when used between multiple Nested playlists in the same Master playlist

    • Improvement: Stop an interrupt from restarting if the same interrupt key/signal is used while the interrupt is playing

22nd March 2021

  • [LG - 1.91] -

    • Fix: 86BH5C stretch model will now scale video correctly

    • Improvement: Relax the 1 concurrent video only restriction on newer models (webOS 3.0 and higher)

    • Improvement: Screenshots should no longer display black frames when videos are playing, on certain LG models
      โ€‹Note: Black areas may still show in remote screenshots when using videos in widgets on webOS 3.0 and 3.2 models and there is currently no workaround for this. This is a limitation of these webOS generations. This issue is resolved in webOS 4.0 and 4.1 as long as the players are using firmware 04.x
      More detail:

    • Improvement: webOS 4.0 / 4.1 UHD models will now render UHD videos at full resolution (previously they were restricted to FHD only)

18th March 2021

  • Marketplace - Easter content added to the marketplace

5th March 2021

  • Marketplace - St Patricks Day content added to marketplace

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