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June 2021 Updates
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28th June 2021

  • Marketplace - Hivestack widget is released. A Hivestack account is required to use this feature.

[Tizen - 1.21] -

  • Improvement: to Widget SDK (Excluding Data Sync Services improvements)

15th June 2021

[2.73 - Samsung C Series]

  • Fix: An issue related to the TLS changeover which caused C range devices to return a black screen or error message.

14th June 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Marketplace - The independence day content added to Marketplace

[LG - 1.93] -

  • Improvement: Adds the ability to remotely configure native portrait support

[Philips - 1.03 (Legacy Client)] -

  • Fix: Changes the API urls to use the TLS 1.0/1.1 server. This only applies to the handful of panels still running this old version and will not apply to most Philips users.

10th June 2021

[Brightsign - 1.37] -

  • Fix: This fixes random nested playlists in interrupts

1st June 2021

UI/Platform -

  • Marketplace - Euro 2020 content added to the Marketplace

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