September 2022 Updates
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5th September


  • [Fix] Prevent B-Deploy players appending hardware IDs when adding multiple players

  • [Fix] Local users can edit folder tags

  • [Fix] Default button selected colour change

  • [Improvement] Upgrade IAM to .NET 6

  • [Improvement] Encrypt SL UI token request to IAM

  • [Improvement] Make 2FA remember cookie a config setting

September 7th

[Network Queue - Media Asset Uploader]

  • [Improvement] Ability to process URL's that use the 'pipe' symbol

September 12th

[ChromeOS - Self-hosted: 1.93 / Chrome Web Store: 1.92]

  • [Fix] Widgets failing to display on players using Chrome browser 104

  • [Improvement] Adds capability to prevent layout resizing to fit available screen space

  • [Improvement] Screen rotation can now be set when player is set to span multiple displays

  • [Improvement] Adds option to Identify screens when player is set to span multiple displays

September 20th

  • [Browser Player] - Client 1.84 includes Widget SDK for compatibility with Vistar, Data Integrations and Hivestack services.

September 26th

  • [CMS]

    • [Improvement] - Refinement of the Media Asset upload service to use a new API service

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