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February 2021 Updates
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26th February 2021

  • Fix - Events booked using the Interactive Room Booking widget not appearing in the users Office 365 calendar UI

15th February 2021

  • [Philips - 1.14] - This update switches older Android 4.4.4 Philips players over to the NENA APIs so that we can segregate TLS 1.0 and 1.1 traffic and TLS 1.2 traffic.

9th February 2021

  • [LG - 1.9] - Patch update that resolves a small error found in the process of evaluating a players date and time status. This was known to cause the 'Checking Date and Time Settings are correct' message to persist on some Signagelive devices. This update also introduces a new debug application.

  • Improvement - Increased maximum upload limit on media assets

  • Fix - Playlist Creator UI becomes completely 'unresponsive' when editing any sized playlist

5th February 2021

  • Marketplace - Chinese New Year and Valentines day content added to marketplace, along with image content for the Fathers day and Mothers day content from last year.

3rd February 2021

  • Improvement - Enhanced performance in the adding and removal of items from large playlists (100s of assets)

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