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Why does it take time for my content to appear on screen after publishing?
Why does it take time for my content to appear on screen after publishing?
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Immediately after being published in Signagelive, your content (along with any configuration like validity or conditional tagging) needs to undergo back-end checks and processes before it can be sent to your player/s for them to process the update and ultimately show the content on screen.

The overall time taken for content to appear on your screens depends on a few key factors:

  • The type of content you are publishing - some content takes longer to process, e.g. widgets.

  • The number of players you are publishing content to - the higher the number the more verification is required, e.g. does each player support the type of content being published.

  • Whether you're updating existing content (content already published) or publishing brand new content

  • The overall publication requests being processed at any given time across all customer networks globally

  • The content check frequency set on your player/s

  • The local network performance in which the player/s reside

What this all means is that it will take a bit of time for your content to be checked, verified and delivered to your players. After which time a player would need to check-in to Signagelive to pick up this request and subsequently begin processing it; typically this means purging and/or downloading content. Once complete you can expect the updated content to appear on screen.

For more detail on this topic please refer to this article.

Please Note

  • The speed at which your players download content depends on the local network in which they reside.

  • If you're experiencing a prolonged delay with content appearing on screen (20-30 minutes plus), it's worth checking the network queues. Please refer to this article for more information on this.

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