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What is a Network Queue?

Your Network Queues show all content in the process of being published to Signagelive. This is the first step of the Publish process. When you either publish new content or amend some already published content, that content will then be sent to Signagelive where it will be stored, before the Player downloads the content following its Content Check.

When the content is being uploaded to Signagelive, you will be able to monitor its progress in the Reports - Queues section.

To access these reports, you should follow these simple steps:

  • Login to your Signagelive account as an Administrator, User or Read Only User

  • Select Reports

  • Select Queues

What Reports are available?

You can choose to see reports for the following:

  • Publish Queue- This will show all the currently uploading content that you (the currently logged in User) is publishing, and any refinements made to that content.

  • Thumbnail Queue - This will show any thumbnails which are being generated against content you are uploading.

  • Media Asset Update Queue - This shows any updates to an existing asset.

  • Player Config Writing Queue - This shows any changes that the server is making to your players.

You will also see within each Queue, the following:

  • Created Date - When the queue was created.

  • Type - This details the type of request queued.

  • Description - This provides the serial number(s) and player name(s)

  • Status - This shows you the latest on what's happening.

What happens if my content doesn’t Publish?

You may find that occasionally, content is shown as not published in your queues. There could be a number of reasons for this, such as insufficient Player storage, network errors or unsupported contents.

The steps we advise to publish any contents you see have failed are:

  • Try removing some of the old scheduled content from your Player, visit the Content and Screen On/ Off tab within the Player Manager (Network - Manage) to see all of your listed, published content

  • Try re-saving any published content, for example, if you have published a Playlist or Layout, go to those contents and save them, sometimes this is all it takes to ‘refine’ the contents and complete the publication

Please Note: You can only remove content from the Publish Queue if a publish has failed. If you remove the content, then after acting on the advice above you will need to republish.

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