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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must have a Samsung remote control

How do I change the timezone?

On initial start-up, the user has to select a timezone and orientation. This can be changed at a later date by:

  • Pressing the Red button

  • Select the item to change (using the middle Select button) - Timezone option

  • Scroll with the Up/Down buttons to the selected item

  • Press Select to confirm the option

  • Select the Save button and the media player will restart

How do I check my display is connecting to Signagelive?

If you are behind a restricted connection and struggling to connect your Samsung Player to the Signagelive service, then we would always firstly recommend you read through our IP and Domain Names required to connect to Signagelive article first of all.

In some cases, though this does not help resolve every instance of connectivity issues, so we've gone a step further to create a Connection Test URL which you can use on your non-connecting panel to help learn the reasons why.

To use this URL, please enter the following URL on your panel:

When launched, the application will work through a series of four tests and then return the results to your display for you. The tests will hopefully reveal to you the issue, however, if you would like to send a photo of the results to our Support Team for analysis then please do so.

How do I rotate my display?

When the application first starts the user has to select the Player's orientation. This can be changed later by:

  • Pressing the Red button

  • Select the item to change (using the middle Select button) - Orientation option

  • Scroll with the Up/Down buttons to the selected item

  • Press Select to confirm the option

  • When the user is happy with the options select the Save button and the media player will restart

How do I set Gapless Playback?

If you're using one of the newer Samsung models (D range and higher) we have now developed our Signagelive solution to allow gapless playback when using fullscreen videos only. Working with this understanding you can then remove the black frames and achieve gapless playback.

Please Note

Gapless playback with Signagelive on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform is achievable on the D range panels and later. If you have a C range panel then gapless cannot be achieved. Moreover, the playlist published will need to have video only.

What do I need to do to my Playlist to make it Gapless?

To make your content completely gapless, your Playlist should only include videos of the same format (we recommend MP4) and ideally encoded using the same details as well (read more about that, here).

Gapless Playback Tip

If you have followed the instructions and still find that your Playlist is showing black frames between the videos then we recommend you check whether there are black elements at the beginning and end of your videos. If this is the case then this will be causing the playback to show these black elements and will result in playback not appearing to be gapless.

How do I use the Native Portrait feature?

The great benefit of the new Native Portrait feature is that you no longer need to rotate videos and can simply use the on-screen Samsung Menu to set the portrait mode and the Signagelive application will adhere to this setting.

Please Note

It is not possible to achieve this functionality if you have an earlier panel model such as the C or D range.

To Configure Native Portrait on your Tizen players:

  • Press the Red A on your remote

  • Change the Rotation to be either 90 or 270 degrees and ensure the Rotate Videos tick box is selected.

  • Save your settings

Now all your landscape content will automatically rotate to appear in portrait orientation.

Please Note

With your Tizen, you can also use our Portrait App to display your content by entering the following into the URL launcher on your display http://clients.signagelive. com/samsungsoc/latest/v4/ portrait

To Configure Native Portrait on your E range players, you must follow the steps below:

Please Note

Following this step, you must deactivate and reactivate your Signagelive player before the settings will take place.

  • When you have changed the URL, please now click the Source button and select any of the inputs. As they appear first we'd recommend selecting the PC or HDMI inputs, but it does not matter which you choose for the process.

  • Once the source has changed, please now click on the Menu button and then from the options select the OnScreen Display option. From the sub-options that will appear from doing this, please select Display Orientation.

  • On the Display Orientation window, please now ensure that the OnScreen Menu Orientation and Source Content Orientation are set to be Portrait.

  • Once you have made these selections, you are now ready to press the Home button and then select URL Launcher to return to using the Samsung Smart Signage application with Signagelive.

You have now successfully changed the screen orientation, which will act now as your native setting as opposed to using the Signagelive application to achieve this.

Correctly factory resetting your display

Before turning the panel off and then pressing Mute, 1, 8, 2, and On, the panel should be switched to the PC input. If this isn't done then when the panel turns back on the factory menu will show for a split second then hide again.

So, be sure to switch to PC input before you begin the factory reset process.

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