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How do I rotate my Samsung display?
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Requirements before you begin:

  • You must have a Samsung remote control

When initially setting up a Samsung device out-of-box, you will be prompted to select the player's orientation. This can be changed at a later date by:

  • Pressing the Red button on the remote control

  • Selecting the Screen Rotation option

  • Scroll with the up/down arrow buttons to select the desired rotation setting. The options are No Rotation, Rotate 90, Rotate 180 and Rotate 270. Your selection will depend on how you have physically orientated the screen.

  • Press Select to confirm the option

  • Scroll down and press the Save button.

Please Note

The Samsung Tizen models will have an additional checkbox to Rotate Videos, which can be selected as required. The older C, D and E range SSP devices will not have this option; on these devices only images can be rotated via this method, and video files will need to be pre-rotated.

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