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Achieving gapless playback on Samsung Players
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The Signagelive for Samsung application allows for gapless playback when transitioning between fullscreen videos on Samsung D-Range, E-Range and Tizen devices.

Please Note

Samsung C-Range devices do not support gapless playback.

How to ensure gapless playback between videos on a Samsung Player

On Samsung models that support gapless playback, you can ensure video transitions are gapless by:

  • Ensuring all videos have the same encoding, we recommend using MP4 alongside an audio codec that is supported for your Player (see our encoding guide here and supported encoding formats for your Samsung device here)

  • Ensuring your Playlist consists of ONLY video content

  • Ensure your Playlist is published fullscreen (not as a part of a Layout)

Please Note

If you have followed the gapless playback advice above and are still seeing black in between your video transitions, it would be worth ensuring there are no black frames within the actual video files themselves (at the start or the end of the video files).

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