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How do I set Gapless Playback on my LG webOS display?
How do I set Gapless Playback on my LG webOS display?
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In terms of how you achieve this, gapless playback can be achieved by creating a Playlist within the Playlist Creator and ensuring that it contains just fullscreen videos. The only video format supported gapless is MP4, LG recommends that all videos are the same resolution, however, during our testing we have found that videos of different resolutions play gapless.

Please Note

Gapless Playback on LG webOS is only supported on LG webOS 2.0 or newer panels and at present does not support being used in conjunction with Sync.

What do I need to do to my Playlist to make it be Gapless?

To make your content completely gapless, your Playlist should only include videos of the same format (we recommend MP4) and ideally encoded using the same details as well (read more about that, here).

Gapless Playback Tip

If you have followed the instructions and still find that your Playlist is showing black frames between the videos then we recommend you check whether there are black elements at the beginning and end of your videos. If this is the case then this will be causing the playback to show these black elements and will result in playback not appearing to be gapless.

How do I connect my display to WiFi?

If you are using an LG webOS panel with an LG Wifi dongle and you are unable to gain a working internet connection, then please ensure that the Baud Rate setting on your panel is set as per the below steps:

  1. Please power on your LG webOS panel.

  2. After launching, please hold down the Settings button until you see the speech bubble icon appear.

  3. After you see the speech bubble icon, please type in the key sequence 0000 and press OK.

  4. You will now be taken into the Signage Setup screen and will need to scroll down the first menu to the Baudrate setting.

  5. Please ensure your Baud Rate is set as 115200.

  6. You can then save these changes and restart your panel to see if the internet connection is now working.

You should now have more success in getting your WiFi connection working.

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