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What is the Signagelive Home page and why am I seeing it?
What is the Signagelive Home page and why am I seeing it?
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What is the Signagelive Home page?

The Signagelive Home page is the default page that a user has access to regardless of the permissions that they have. The Home page cannot be removed via permissions. The Home page includes:

Network status information

  • A high level overview of the Active licensed players and players with the latest content

Quick links to activities

  • A list of all available activities a user may wish to undertake such as viewing the dashboard, editing playlists or publishing content.


  • The ability to create a ticket, view a ticket, visit the Learn Hub, Live Chat or Help Centre

What’s New

  • A list of new features, updates and applications available to you via Signagelive.

Please Note:

Your Home page will only display Quick links to features that you have permissions for.


Why can I only see the Home page?

If you can only see the Home page and you don’t have access to any other features, you don’t currently have any permissions allocated to you by your Network Administrator. You will need to contact your Administrator to request permissions for the task required (See here for a guide on permissions).

Setting a different landing page as your entry preference

If you do not wish to see the Home page when logging in, you have the ability to set the page you prefer to start on when launching Signagelive. This can be amended by selecting your profile, which can be accessed at the top right of your user interface under User: ’your username’.

The tab labelled “User Details” within your profile has an option for “When logging in to Signagelive, which page should you be taken to”. From here you can choose the page you prefer to start with.

List of pages available

When selecting your landing page, the options available to you are as follows:

  • Player Dashboard

  • Playlist Creator

  • Layout Manager

  • Player Manager

  • Licence Manager

  • Home

Please Note:

The selected page needs correct permissions enabled to allow the User to load the desired page. Otherwise the default Home page will be shown.

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