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Why can I not set Granular permissions on Local users, Message manager users or Approvals
Why can I not set Granular permissions on Local users, Message manager users or Approvals
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Why can I not set Granular permissions on Local users or Message manager users?

Currently, you are not able to add roles to users that are Local Users or Message Manager Users (note: this is defined by flags on User Details and it is different to Local Users and Message Manager User system default roles). This is because these users have additional permission requirements such as Local User player permissions or Message manager permissions that are not currently available within roles. This is something we are looking to implement at a later stage.

When creating a user, you are given the choice to enable if the user is a Message manager or Local user. By selecting one of these tickboxes, roles are disabled for these users.

If you do not require the user to be a Local user or a Message manager user, you can select the user by navigating to Settings and Users, selecting the user and unchecking these fields. The user will then have roles and permissions available to them.

How do I configure Approvals with Granular User Permissions?

Please Note:

You must have Granular User Permissions enabled to use Approvals.

If you are using Granular User Permissions, where your Users become Approvers has changed from where you used to manage this setting. You will still be able to view the Approver users on the Approvals management page, within Settings then Approval. You can also configure your Approver or User who Require Approval users, which can now be set as a permission within the Permissions management. Full information on Permissions can be seen here.

Granular User Permissions, Approvals and Local users

Currently, you cannot enable Approvals on Local users without setting 'Requires Approvals for all users' in the Approval Global setting. Setting Approvals as a Global setting can be done through the Approvals workflow. To Enable Global Approvals for all, navigate to Settings from the dashboard and select Approvals.

You will then need to ensure β€œAdding Media” and β€œRequires Approval for all users” tick boxes are ticked. By doing this, all users on your network will require approval from an Approver User before their content can be used. Full details on Approvals can be found here.

Please Note:

We will be looking to allow Local users the ability to be Approvers/Approver users individually in a future update.

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