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Webhook notifications
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Signagelive now has the ability to send webhook notifications for a selection of functions within Signagelive, this article will outline the types of notifications available and how to go about setting this up.

Please Note

Webhook notifications are enabled on a case-by-case basis, therefore if you require access to this and do not have this feature available on your Signagelive Network - please contact our Support Team.

Webhook notification types that are available:

  • Publish Request Status - when a new schedule is published to a Player

  • Publish Refinement Status - when an already published Playlist or Layout is edited or if the Player Config is updated

  • Player Config Write Request Status - when a Config Write takes place

  • Player Activity - when the Player sends activity back to Signagelive

  • Proactive Monitoring - works in the same way as our Proactive Monitoring module, sends notifications similar to the SMS or email notifications, but via Webhook

  • Licence Activity - when a Licence is activated or deactivated

Configuring Webhooks on your Signagelive Network:

  1. Head to Settings > Webhooks

  2. Tick the Enabled box

  3. Enter the Webhook URL for the remote web server where you want to post the Webhook notifications

  4. Choose a Timeout (ms) value (by default this is set to 1000)

  5. In the Webhook Types section, choose the notifications you wish to receive

  6. Under Custom Headers, you can add a Custom Header by clicking the blue +

  7. Press Save

Upon completion of the steps above, you should begin to see notifications within the application of your choosing.

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