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Setting your notification preferences
Setting your notification preferences
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Setting your notification preferences

You can set how regularly you would like to receive notifications from Signagelive within your user profile.

To access this select “User” on the very top right of your screen and select “Profile”.

You can then select the “Notifications” tab to view your current settings.

You can select your working hours which will dictate how notifications will be sent to you.

Please Note: You will need to have Proactive monitoring enabled for working hours to affect your network and to receive SMS notifications. SMS notifications only work for Proactive monitoring: "Connectivity Status" and "Content Status" alerts.

You can select your preferences between:

  • Do not send - You will not receive notifications of this type.

  • Every time - You will receive notifications as soon as a new approval is available.

  • Every X minutes - You can dictate how frequently you receive notifications

  • Once a day - Set a daily time you want to receive notifications.

You can choose these preferences on:

  • Connectivity Status - Informs you of players' connectivity stats.

  • Content Status - Informs you of the status of content being published.

  • Network Approver Management - All notifications for Approver users

  • Network Approvals Pending - Notification of pending content to approve

  • Network Approvals Changed - Notification of approvals responded to

Additionally, you have the following notification types which you can choose to opt in (select "Every Time") or opt out of (select "Do Not Send"):

  • Content Updates - Receive notifications on new content that is available to you in the Signagelive Marketplace

  • Feature Updates - Receive notifications on updates to existing features within Signagelive (such as Proof of Play, Real-Time Events and Web Triggers)

  • New Product Updates - Receive notifications on new or upcoming features within Signagelive

  • Vital Updates - Receive notifications updates to Signagelive that are vital to keeping your Network healthy. This communication is infrequent but vital

  • Network Updates - Receive notifications about your Network such as playlist-processing notifications

  • Licence Updates - Reminders about expiring licences that need to be renewed

  • Network Access Pending - Receive notifications when Network Access Requests are pending on your Network

  • Network Access Enabled - Receive notifications when access is enabled for a Signagelive Team on your Network

  • Network Access Permission Provided - Receive notifications when Network Access permission is provided to a Signagelive Team on your Network

  • Network Access Permission Provided - Enabled - Receive notifications when a member of the Signagelive Team (who already has been provided with permission to do so as per above) has enabled access to your Network

  • Network Access Granted by Signagelive - Receive notifications when Network access has been granted by the Signagelive Team because a Network User was not able to do so

  • Network Access Request Overridden - Receive notifications when a member of the Signagelive Team has overridden a Network Access Request

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