How do I replace a faulty Player?
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Why would I need to swap a Player?

There are many reasons for needing to swap a Player, but generally, it will be because one Player has stopped working and you need to change it for another Player. This could be due to a hardware fault or perhaps just updating an older Player with a newer Player.

How can I swap my Players?

Firstly, you must deactivate your Player.

How do I deactivate my Player?

A ‘Player’ in Signagelive is a piece of hardware registered to a Signagelive licence, this happens during the Player activation process. So if you wish to swap the hardware registered to any Player or licence, you can simply deactivate that Player from the Player information.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator

  • Select Network

  • Select Manage

  • Select the Player from your Player Manager that you wish to deactivate or swap

  • Select Licence tab

  • Select Deactivate

  • Confirm the deactivation

How do I activate another Player using the same licence?

Before Activating a new Player against this existing licence, you will need to have configured your Player up to the point of it showing its 6 digit activation code. Learn more about configuring your Player, here.

If you wish to use the same licence that you have deactivated your Player from, simply follow these steps:

  • Login to your Signagelive Network as an Administrator

  • Select Settings

  • Select Licences

  • Select the licence that you previously deactivated

    • This will be shown as ‘Deactivated’ and amber coloured

  • Select Activate

  • Enter the 6 digit activation code shown on your new, freshly configured Player

  • Select Save

What information will be retained by the new Player?

Because you are replacing one piece of hardware with another, but still using the same licence, all the previous information and settings applied on the initial Player will be retained by the newly activated Player, so when it performs its first Content Check, it will begin to download its content and all settings will be applied just as they were on the previous hardware.

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