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The Player Manager’s System tab is where you can view your Players system details.

System Stats

The System stats will be shown after the Player performs its first reboot following activation on your Signagelive Network. You can see the following information in the System Stats overview:

  • CPU Usage

  • RAM Usage

  • Memory Usage

  • Temperature

Hardware Section

The Hardware section shows you information from the Players hardware including:

  • Player Type - such as Windows PC, SSSP, LG webOS etc

  • Hardware id (MAC address on those that register one)

  • Model

  • Manufacturer

  • CPU usage

  • RAM usage

  • Memory Usage

  • Number of monitors in use per Player

  • Resolution

Software Section

The Software section shows all information relevant to the Signagelive software applied, such as:

  • Signagelive client version

  • Application settings - such as storage location

  • System settings - such as resolution

  • Installed software - such as codec packs

Network Section

The Network section shows all information relevant to the Player’s network connection, whether that is via wired or wireless connection. You will see the following information:

  • IP address

  • Subnet Mask

  • Default Gateway

  • DNS 1

  • DNS 2

The Timezone section allows you to choose the Timezone for your Player.

Please Note: It is essential that you set the correct timezone on your Player. You may find that your content does not show at the times expected if the Timezone is not set correctly.

Not all Player types Timezone settings can be edited remotely, please refer to the Supported Features and Contents article of your chosen Player type for further details.

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