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How to debug your Brightsign player
How to debug your Brightsign player
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If you experience issues with using Signagelive on your Brightsign Player and need assistance from our Support Team, we may request debug information.

This article will detail how you can retrieve this information from your Player.

Unless otherwise asked, the first 5 minutes of operation logs are the most useful to diagnose problems. If the player has been on for more than 20 minutes, you will need to reboot the player before you obtain the logs.

Please note

You can retrieve the IP address and Hardware ID of your player by heading to Signagelive, click on the player and select the System tab.


Power off the player and remove the SD card (as well as any internal storage devices, if applicable). Power on the BrightSign player and wait for the player to boot up:

The IP address and Hardware ID of the player will be displayed on screen.

Follow these steps to access the Diagnostic Web Server using a web browser on the same local network as the player:

  • Enter the IP address of the networked player into the address bar of your web browser.

  • The username is always "admin".

  • If you haven't previously set a password in the DWS, the Hardware ID of the player will be the password.

  • From here navigate to the "Log" tab.

  • Select “Download log”.

Pro Tip:

You can also access the Local DWS via the player’s Hardware ID by typing

brightsign-<Hardware ID>.local

into the browser where <Hardware ID> is the Hardware ID of the player (for example, brightsign-M2E33P002148.local).

Bonjour must be installed to use this on Windows (it will work out of the box on Mac and desktop Linux unless the configuration has been changed).

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