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How to factory reset a BrightSign Player
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In some instances, you may need to factory reset your BrightSign device. In such cases, this can be done in a few different ways which are outlined in this article below:

How to manually factory reset a BrightSign Player

  1. Disconnect player from power

  2. Remove the player's storage device* (USB, SD card, SSD)

  3. Press and hold both SVC and Reset buttons

  4. Apply power to the player

  5. Wait until the red Err LED starts blinking rapidly

  6. Release the SVC and Reset buttons (the Err LED will stop blinking)

  7. The player will perform the factory reset. In the end, the player will reboot and show BrightSign logo on the screen with system info (serial number, MAC address, OS version).

How to factory reset a BrightSign via the DWS Portal

  1. Connect to the DWS Portal for your device using the IP address of the Player (if prompted, username is admin and password is the Hardware ID of your Player - this can be found on the underside of your Player or on the System tab within Signagelive)

  2. Head to the CONTROL tab

  3. Press the RESET button below the Factory Reset section of this page

Using the Factory Reset script

It is also possible to factory reset your device using a script file that is added to the root of the Player's SD card. To do so, please follow the steps in the relevant section of BrightSign's own documentation here.

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