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Across the Signagelive Help Centre and BrightSign’s own respective Help Centre, you’ll come across various terms used that concern the management and configuration of BrightSign devices. This article is designed to be used as a glossary that provides definitions for said terminology:

  • B-Deploy - The name given to the process of remotely configuring a Brightsign Player - this can be actioned via the Signagelive CMS or within BrightSign’s portal. (note: B-Deploy support for 5 Series BrightSign devices is not yet available - Slated for Q2 2024)

  • DWS portal (Diagnostic Web Server) - this portal allows you to modify existing settings on a networked BrightSign Player, as well as run diagnostic checks, view debug logs and remotely control your device.

  • - This platform incorporates the functionality of the Control Cloud and the DWS and provides varying levels of real-time control and remote management. This is accessed via your web browser.

  • Control Cloud - Control Cloud is a free service from BrightSign that operates independently of your chosen content management system (CMS). It allows you to create, manage, and deploy Player configurations (B-Deploy) and is accessed via

  • BrightAuthor:Connected - BrightSign’s own desktop application available for both Mac and Windows. This provides the same functionality as with the added ability of acting as a CMS to design and deploy content to your BrightSign Players.

  • BrightAuthor - an older BrightSign desktop application (which has since been replaced with BrightAuthor:Connected) that provides local functionality of managing and deploying BrightSign Players.

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