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Player Settings
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When you are on your network and looking at your individual Players you will notice that you are able to change settings such as Health and Content Check frequencies, Screen Control and whether you have the Automatic Reboot turned on or off.

The ability to change these settings on a per player basis is good if you just have a handful of registered Players on your network, however, if you have lots of Players and you want all of them to have the same network settings, then you can do this with the Player Settings feature.

Where is the Multi Player Settings feature?

If you would like to apply the same network settings to all or some of your Players then you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Firstly make sure you are logged into the network that you'd like to change the network settings for

  2. When logged into your desired network, click on the Network menu and from the drop-down select Manage

  3. You will now be shown the Network Manager of your network and will see all of your registered Players

  4. Select the Players of which you wish to change the Network Settings

  5. Select Player Settings

How do I edit my Player Settings?

Now that you've managed to find the feature and have clicked on the Player Settings button, you will be presented with the Multi Player Settings options.

Within this modal, you can alter the following areas for the Players you selected.

  • Content Check - The Content Check setting allows you to set how frequently all of your selected Players will check for new content deployments. These can be set to happen at scheduled intervals throughout the day, alternatively to happen once a day at a specific time e.g. 19:00.

  • Health Check - The Health Check setting allows you to set how frequently you wish for your selected Players to do a health check to our servers, these can be set to happen at scheduled intervals throughout the day. A Health Check is a way of your Players telling us that the Player is working and communicating with us.

  • Scheduled Reboots -

    The Scheduled Reboot setting allows you to set whether you would like the automatic reboot feature turned on or off for all selected players on your Signagelive network. By default, this will be disabled.

  • Remote Screenshots - This allows you to activate the Remote Screenshots feature on all selected Players. Remote Screenshots will allow you to view the current state and content being displayed on your supported Players.

  • Screen Control - Allows you to set Screen Control schedules on mass to all selected Players on your network. You no longer have to go to each individual player to set this up one at a time and it will save you a lot of time when scheduling.

Once you have selected all of the options you can just click OK, and you will get a confirmation message letting you know that your Global Network Settings have saved successfully.

You can still amend Players individually, and the Network Settings will remain on all other Players. The Player Settings tool will not keep these settings shown in this area, this tool will only allow you to edit the settings for the selected Players.

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