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The Player Manager allows you to view and edit the settings of each Player activated on your Signagelive Network. To access the Player Manager, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Signagelive Network as User or Administrator

  • Select Network

  • Select Manage

Take a look at this video showing the features of the Signagelive Player Manager:

The Player Manager is broken down into the following usable areas:

The Search Bar

Using the search bar, you can search through your Players by name and any Tags applied to your Players (read on to find out more about Tagging your Players). Each search can be ‘carried’ from one folder to another and you can see the search terms and the folder currently being searched listed below the search bar. You can also carry searches through pages within the Player Manager, each page will display 20 Players.

Selecting multiple Players using the toolbar

You can select one, multiple or all players using the filters available within the Player Manager’s toolbar. The following options are available:

  • Select

    • All - will select all players, which can be across multiple pages of the Player Manager

    • This Page - will select all Players shown on the current page of the Player Manager

    • None

  • Filter

    • All

    • Selected

    • Recently Added

  • Refresh

  • Delete

  • Request Renewals

  • Player Settings

  • Manage Tags

  • Export

You can learn more about using the Player Settings menu, here.

Smart Folders

In the left hand menu area, you will notice the Smart Folders and a series of named folders included. The Smart Folders section gives you some useful folders to help you begin managing your network, such as the ability to view all, recently added, recently used and trashed players on your network.

The Smart Folders included are:

  • All - Showing all Players registered on your Signagelive Network

  • Recently Added - Shows the last 25 Players added to your Signagelive Network

  • Recently Used - Shows any Players that have recently had settings changed within your Signagelive Network

  • Trash - Shows any Players that have been ‘trashed’ from your Signagelive Network.


The Custom Folders area allows you to create custom folders to organise your Signagelive Players within the Player Manager. To create a new Custom Folder, you simply press the blue Add button and select Folder.

To add a Player to a Custom Folder, you should simply drag your Player from your Player Manager into the folder and it will be added, if you select that Folder, you will then be able to see all the Players added to it.

By opening the menu (3 dots to the right) of a folder, you can delete a folder, or open its properties.

Within a folders properties, you can edit or change the Custom Folder name, see how many Players are listed within that folder and you can add tags. Any tags added to the folder will also be applied to all the Players within the folder, it’s a handy way to add tags to lots of Players at one time.

Player Manager

The main area of the Player Manager is the section where you will see all of your registered Players listed. As default, you will see all Players listed in alphabetic order and you can change the view to show different levels of detail, using the Simple, List or Detailed views. You can scroll through the pages of your Player Manager using the arrow buttons and each page will show you 20 Players per page.

You can use the tickboxes next to each Player to select (or deselect) players, before using the filter options to choose your next actions.

The menu to the right of each Player allows you to view, request a licence renewal or delete the selected Player.

By selecting a Player (click on the Player name or any info listed alongside the Player), you’ll be taken to the Player information and can view and edit any settings for that specific Player.

Within the Player Manager, you can view and change settings within the following areas:

  • Status - gives overview of the Players current status

  • Connectivity - Shows details of Players Content Check, Health Check, Remote Screenshots and Scheduled Reboot options

  • Content and Screen On/Off - shows currently published content per Player as well as any Screen On/Off schedules applied

  • Tags - Shows all one word ‘tags’ applied, which can be used for search references as well as to assign specific content to certain Players (See Conditional Playback - Conditions)

  • System - Shows detailed information about Players hardware, software and network configuration. Also allows you to set Players timezone configuration.

  • Proof of Play - Allows enabling and disabling of PoP per Player and configuration of ‘references’

  • Licence - Shows current status of Licence applied on your Player and allows you to deactivate, Convert to Full or Request Renewal, depending on the state of your current Licence

  • Site and Contact Details - Allows you to view and edit Site details (Name and address listed for Player), which will be taken into account for some dynamic content that uses address information. You can also add contact details per Player, for local contact details.

  • Notes - allows any notes to be added, giving information of any noteworthy information per Player

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